UVS Observer
Vehicle monitoring and control software

This system is intended for seeking vehicles automatically and in real time by using satellite (GPS) and GPRS connection.


  • Simple user interface: Software is easy to operate even for persons not used to work on computer;
  • Data exchange is automated and ensured. Data exchange with central office is totally automated;
  • Service quality: qualified service work is guaranteed 24 hours day;
  • System flexibility: possibility configured equipment to customer needs or operatively install all updates;
  • International expansion capability: the same software may be applied in different countries operated in national languages.

Main superiority:

  • Receive GPS data from vehicle (coordinates, speed,  direction) and secondary information (alert signal, display sensor and etc.);
  • Shows in digital map vehicle residence place;
  • Save drive way and other data, later it is possibility to show them in map or tables and analyze;
  • Send messages and commands to vehicle(exp. Shows GPS data sending intervals, blocks engine, send text message, etc.);
  • Response to vehicle status, alert signals and other incidents;
  • Automated export to other software (exp. MS Excel)

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