Self-Checkout Solutions

Customers favor stores that enable them to complete their retail journeys rapidly.  With BEETLE /iSCAN EASY SCO solutions from Wincor Nixdorf, retailers can accelerate the customer checkout process. 
This comprehensive self-checkout solution offers both cash and card payments – and the ability to recycle cash within the system.

With options for customized counter-top components, the solution can be flexibly configured to meet the requirements of a variety of store types. 
Guided by an intuitive interface and automated audio-visual prompts, customers can rapidly scan, pack and pay for their items themselves – helping retailers to deliver a seamless customer journey and maximize sales opportunities.


  • Empowers customers to complete their own retail journeys – freeing in-store personnel to serve customers faster at traditional checkouts
  • Meets the needs of on-the-go customers with fast, convenient cash, card and NFC payment options
  • Ensures usability with an intuitive interface and automated audio-visual prompts
  • Supports wide variety of products with fully customizable weight-tray parameters
  • Supports country-specific requirements including language, system of measurement and currency
  • Maximizes sales space with a compact physical footprint
  • Enables high uptime with straightforward serviceability at the front end
  • Integrates fully with other best-in-class POS and banking solutions

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System components Touch screen
Integration of various barcode scanners
Coin recycling module
Diverse non-cash payment options
Numerous security features
Flexible, customizable weight platform concepts
Software Supports diverse operating systems
Standard interface to POS applications
Ergonomic graphical user interface
Services (optional) Global Deployment Services
Availability Services
Operational Services
Optimization of cash management and cash logistics
Automated processing of cash and cashless transactions

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