Coins Cycle Management

In the cash office, manual coin sorting, counting and preparation of floats can be time-consuming and increase the risk of losses through theft and fraud. With the CINEO C1030 bulk coin processor, retailers can automate coin processing in the cash office.
The CINEO C1030 bulk coin processor enables fast and auditable dispense and deposit transactions for large volumes of coins, and is therefore ideally suited for cash-intensive retail environments. In addition to delivering a full audit trail of all coins held in the system, the solution automatically dispenses coin floats via a patented refill process – saving time, cutting costs and shrinking the risk of losses.

Used together with a note recycling system such as the CINEO C6020, the CINEO C1030 can completely automate back office cash processes.With its high capacity and processing speed, the CINEO C1030 meets the needs of large-sized store formats such as hypermarkets, large supermarkets and specialty retailers.


  • Calculates and dispenses coin floats automatically
  • Features a patented refill process
  • Processes and recycles large volumes of coins rapidly and accurately
  • Reduces risk of fraud and theft with a full audit trail and built-in security systems
  • Delivers simple management via an intuitive central interface
  • Enables high uptime with straightforward serviceability at the front end

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