Banknote recycling solution

Nine out of ten payment transactions around the globe are handled in cash – but traditional cash logistics is dependent on time-intensive manual processes and increases the cost and risk of losses from theft and fraud. With the CINEO C6010 banknote recycling solution at the point-of-sale, retailers can use automation to extend the duration between cash replenishment, reducing cash management costs. By integrating the cassette version of the solution at a self-checkout or traditional point-of-sale register, retailers can gain secure cash-management in a standalone footprint.

Alternatively, by deploying the mobile drum version of the CINEO C6010 with theCINEO C6020 cash-office module, retailers can transport cash in an ultra-secure closed medium. By creating a closed cash cycle within the store, retailers can further shrink the risk of losses from theft and fraud.


  • Cuts the cost and risk of traditional cash logistics with a closed cash cycle using the latest Retail Cash Cycle Management™ solutions
  • Enables high security with closed cash-transport media, banknote inking and advanced alarm systems
  • Offers automated cash-management functionality within a compact footprint
  • Enables high uptime with straightforward serviceability at the front end

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