Fiscal module UVS FB X6
UVS FB X6 fiscal module

Fiscal module UVS FB X6 – a unique UVS technical solution, that is responsible for financial data recording operations and fiscal reporting and storing in the fiscal memory, configured for each POS cash system according to customer needs and fulfilling all the necessary Fiscal law requirements in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and even other coutries upon request.

According to the company’s years of experience in the Fiscal unit, UVS FB X6 fiscal is integrated not only in Lithuania but also in Latvia and Belarus markets. Optional adaptation and for other countries.


• Storage of data in two memory blocks and their assembly into EJ.
• Unique/Unerasable fiscal counters for each fund on demand.
• A receipt for each and every type of settlement are calculated and summed discounts and markups.
• Fiscal block check counters checksums and fiscal reporting date of checksums as well as the rest of the free memory to ensure data processing.
• in the case of errors during sales fiscal block notifies the POS application and suspends the data processing until error is settled.

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