OPT STD self-service terminal

OPT STD is self service payment solutions, exclusively designed for petrol stations that communicate with any forecourt controller and support cash and/or card payments.


  • Additional space at petrol station to pay for fuel;
  • Workforce savings, briefing;
  • Lower operating costs;
  • Simple user interface for both customers and service staff;
  • Various mounting options: On the wall, into the wall, on fuel dispencer, stand and safe;
  • Lower queues of vehicles at the petrol station;
  • Various methods of payment: before / after filling, banking / payment / international (UTA, DKV, Esso, etc.) card, coupon, receipt of debt, etc.
  • All opportunities to attract customers: discount card, automatic discount, loyalty system;
  • Modular and multi-language system
  • Event Monitoring
  • Personalization of decision according to customer needs
  • Customer consultation and selection of their optimal work scheme  at petrol stations, depending on their needs.

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