POLYTOUCH interactive kiosk solutions

Consumers value the insight and expertise of in-store personnel when making purchasing decisions – and a compelling presentation can increase the likelihood of capturing sales.
Using the Polytouch interactive kiosk solutions from Wincor Nixdorf, retailers can deliver rich, relevant product information and demonstrations on the shop floor: inspiring customers to purchase. In addition to creating new up- and cross-selling opportunities, retailers can even use the solution as a self-checkout, boosting same-day sales.


  • Captures sales by inspiring customers with eye-catching, interactive presentations
  • Creates new up- and cross-selling opportunities with multi-media product catalogues
  • Maximizes sale-day sales opportunities with self-checkout functionality
  • Delivers an immersive, intuitive customer experience with a high-resolution multi-point interface

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System components PC system
Touch screen
 Barcode scanner
Diverse non-cash payment options
Software Supports diverse operating systems
Services (optional)

Availability Services


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