Soldi Smart
Automatic banknote detector

A compact solution ideal for the POS – the automatic banknote detector Soldi Smart. The LED symbol and the acoustical alarm give a clear result in under one second.


  • 100% reliable counterfeit detection
  •  Verifies EUR
  • Compact format – ideal for the POS
  • One device | one function: turn on and verify
  • Deals confidently with higher-denomination   banknotes
  • Warning signal: acoustical (alarm) |optical (LED-symbol)
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Counterfeit detection: IR | MG | MT | SD
  • Operation via mains cable and rechargeable  battery (optionally available)
  • Update via ratiotec Update Manager
  • Easy to open and easy to clean
  • Optional accessories : Rechargeable battery |car-charging cable |cleaning set

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