TA58 POS Keyboard

TA58 POS Keyboard is with 15/116 (US) keys: 62/63 (US) alphanumerical, 17 numeric (numeric block), 36 configurable / programmable, function keys (1-,2-, 4-way keys). Main application area is screen POS solutions.


  • Function key codes freely programmable
  • Key lock “Off”, “Service”; 4x programmable
  • 3-track magnetic card reader (optional)
  • Adaptation for the BA63, BA66 and BA69 displays

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Key mechanism Plastic contact foil with contact mat
Input sequence Two-key rollover
Key caps / number Alphanumerical: 62/63 (US)
Numeric: 17
Function keys: 36
Programmable key code Yes
Country variants D, UK, F, E, I, B, NL, DK, CH, P, SF, US
System LEDs Num Lock
Shift Lock
Scroll Lock
System interface PS/2 mini DIN connector (6-pin)
Interface for 2nd keyboard Yes
Magnetic card reader 3-track magnetic card reader (optional)
ISO tracks 1,2 and 3 acc. to ISO 3554
Adaptable displays BA63; BA66; BA69
Power supply 5 V, max. 170 mA

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