VoyagerCG 9540
VoyagerCG 9540 Single-Line laser scanners

VoyagerCG 9540 Single-Line laser scanners. The Voyager series of hand-held, single-line bar code scanners have united form with function in becoming the industry benchmark for value and performance. Voyager CG 9540 also includes patented CodeGate® technology which allows the user to easily target the desired bar code and complete data transmission with the press of a single button. For presentation scanning, Honeywell offers a stand with automatic in-stand detection technology.


  • Use scanner as either a hand-held device or a fixed presentation scanner when mounted in the stand 650-nanometer
  • Laser High-visibility laser allows user to place laser line on selected bar code
  • CodeGate Technology (VoyagerCG 9540 only)
  • Zero in on desired code and complete data transmission with the push of a single button—ideal for menu scanning applications
  • Flash ROM: Future proof POS system with free firmware updates via MetroSet®2 software and standard PC
  • Parsing (Data Editing):
  • Format bar code data to meet host system’s specific requirements

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Input Voltage 5 VDC + 0.25 V
Operating Power 825 mW (165 mA @ 5 V)
Host System Interfaces USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46xx (RS485), OCIA, Laser Emulation, Light Pen Wand Emulation
Scan Speed 72 scan lines per second
Print Contrast 35% minimum reflectance difference
Scan Pattern Single scan line
Weight 149 g (5.3 oz)

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