Wincor Nixdorf EL69
High-Performance 2D Multi-Plane Image Bioptic Scanner

The High-Performance 2D Multi-Plane Bioptic EL69 scanner is an imaging technology based, stationary scanner suitable for use in retail stores with a high throughput. The used imaging technology provides superior performance in terms of the omnidirectional detection and decoding of linear, 2D and GS1 Databar™ labels.

The power of full imaging technology becomes particularly evident with labels that are hard to read, such as low-contrast or damaged barcodes.


  • Suitable for use in self-service, retail stores and wholesale
  • Recognition of all linear and 2D and GS1 DataBar™ barcodes
  • Omni-directional barcode recognition also from smartphone displays
  • Functional design
  • Optional integration of a checkout scale
  • Top Platter scan window with Datalogic Clear™ Glass
  • Integrated EAS-Support for Checkpoint/Nedap
  • User-Friendly
  • Omni-directional barcode recognition also from smartphone displays
  • USB-Port and  MicroSD card reader for service and software administration
  • Image Capture Modus
  • Optional ScaleSentry™ Technology
  • Easy integration into existing checkout installation
  • Optional 2D Customer Service Scanner (CSS)
  • Plug&Play compatibility Wincor Nixdorf ProBase UPOS

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System versions

Magellan 9300i DatalogicClear™ Glass, medium length, with Checkpoint EAS, scale prepared, without ScaleSentry™ (EL-6912)
Additional interface cable alternatives Straight RS232 for usage with external power brick 4,50 m (EL-DLS-RS45)
Straight PoweredUSB 12V 4,50 m (EL-DLS-US45)
Power brick / alternative power line cord External power brick 12V (EL-5455POW-EXT)
Power line cord EU, black (KB-3037)
 Power line cord UK, black (KB-3039)
 Power line cord CH, black (KB-3038)
 Power line cord USA, black (KB-3030)
Optional 2D customer scanner (Customer Service Scanner) 2D scanner for barcode recognition Smartphone OmniMount
Interfaces RS232

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