Wincor Nixdorf Revendo 9010
Reverse Vending Systems

To ensure profitability, retailers must maximize the sales value of every square meter of retail space – but many in-store recycling solutions require an extensive back-office footprint.
With Wincor Nixdorf Revendo 9010 reverse-vending solutions, discount retailers can create new sales opportunities without sacrificing selling space or cutting into razor-thin margins.


  • Maximizes selling space with a compact, two-Europallet footprint optimized for retailers with a floorspace of 100-400 m²
  • Complete integration with every in-store point-of-sale system enabling retailers to offer a seamless customer journey
  • Reduces power requirements with an energy-efficient design, supporting retail sustainability objectives
  • Minimizes manual labor and cuts costs using a high-capacity compactor to lengthen the duration between emptying intervals
  • Assures customer adoption via an intuitive touchscreen that enables seamless customer experiences
  • Nurtures customer loyalty through full integration with customer reward programs


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Standard features Full graphic 8.4“ Touch Display
 Interactive user guidance
 Additional signals in the field of vision in the bottle infeed to guide users
Thermal printer Paper width: 60 mm

Paper length: 500 m

Recognition data Single beverage containers: image processing, color recognition
Processing speed: up to 40 bottles / minute
Data capacity: almost unlimited
Options Individual door color (RAL color range)
ISDN-Adapter or GSM-Router for online connection
Barcode scanner
Card reader
Basic data Footprint: (L x W x H) 138 cm x 182 cm x 172 cm
 Weight: 550 kg
 Power supply: 3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz
 Machine directive, EMV, CE

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