The Restaurant control program

The POSCafe program is intended for restaurants, bars, fast-food outlets, nightclubs, etc. The System is designed for unlimited number of workplaces connected into a single network.

The maximum number of workplaces is limited only by computer network capacity.


  • Maximum operating speed and simple customer service;
  • Minimum order processing and attendance management time. Orders printed by remote printers (in the bar, the kitchen);
  • Prevention of order calculation errors;
  • Retention and scan of operations of any level (sales, orders, cancellation, shift change, order transfer to another waiters and etc.);
  • Reliable protection against unauthorized use of the system (with the aid of modern identification facilities and restrictions of the access to the software);
  • Statistical sales and performance analysis;
  • Loyalty system: application of flexible loyalty system results in greater customer attraction and increase of turnover volume;

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Workplaces Cashier


Formation of dishes
Dish printing “transfer” to a kitchen or a bar
Access levels administration (chief cashier, barman, waiter, room administrator, etc.)
Graphic design skins control
“Hot “ keys, price, print size setting
Formation of sets
Assigning the status of unused to the dishes that are not temporarily cooked
The Access levels Order recording
Order transfer to the kitchen
Printing of an advanced receipt
Printing of fiscal receipt
Acceptance of payment by credit card
Close of a shift
Printing of reports, etc


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