POS Loyalty
Loyalty system

The Loyalty system is intended for application of loyalty functions in retail trade outlets.

The supplier and the user are subjects of the loyalty program. Their attitudes towards the program are different, as in the first place they evaluate the advantage they gain with the use of the program. However both aim at the same thing – gaining benefit.

The supplier increases market sector, reminds about himself and create favorable impression by distributing prizes. The user economizes on certain services or products.


  • The system is user-directed – the user arranges the loyalty scheme;
  • Friendly user interface of the system;
  • Diversified loyalty schemes;
  • Easy integration with other programs;
  • Automatic information transfer to points of sales and other needed equipment;
  • Statistic review and analysis capability;
  • Report generation;
  • Loyalty schemes transfer to remote points is set by time interval selected.

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