UVS FuelStock
Petrol-Station Stock Management Program

UVS FuelStock program is designed for the management of petrol-station stock.

This program is used to enter stock data (prices, minimum balance, measure unit, barcode, supplier, class, brand, etc.) and stock groups (group VAT, discounts, class). Within this program, the stock items may be entered, edited, revalued or written off.


• Apply discounts which may be specified both to single items and item groups. Discounts may be expressed in cents or percent;

• Enter, edit or delete measure units;

• Enter, correct, cancel, update, search or print invoices;

• Generate and print various reports and documents based on user needs: receipts, collection and fuel delivery documents and shift accounts by specified periods or by cashiers;

• Generate and print sheets of stock in highest demand and stock balance as well as accounts on applied discounts as well as stock sales, movement and revaluation for any specified period.


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Description and entering Description of stock group
Description of stock item
Description of measure units (by specifying their accuracy) being used
Entering of invoices
Entering of invoice types
Description of discounts on stock groups
 Reports  Receipt report (by specifying the period)
Collection report (by specifying the period)
Fuel delivery report (by specifying the period)
Report by cashiers(by specifying the period)
Report of journal proof tape with goods items
Report on the frequency of cards use (by specifying the period)
Balance report within the stock group (by specifying the name of stock group)
Stock delivery report (by specifying the period)
Report on applied discounts (by specifying the period, the number of cash register, the type of payment and the operator)
Report on minor balance of stock;
Stock sales report (by specifying the period, the number of cash register, the type of payment and the operator)
Stock revaluation report (by specifying the number of invoice)


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