Software system

The POS software system is intended for store chains and sale outlets to cope with wide range of products, product movement, payment by various payment cards, computerized accounting and communication with accounting systems, to provide connection with various alectric weightining unit, bar code readers and other equipment.

POS software is easy to operate even for a cashier not used to work on computer. Employes may give all attention to quality customer assistance.


  • Simple interface with various accounting systems;
  • Statistical sales and performance analysis;
  • Loyalty system: application of flexible loyalty system results in greater customer attraction and increase or turnover volume;
  • Servicing of all types of payment cards;
  •  Graphic environment: graphic skins are available. The user may create graphic skins, keys (select their form, color, arrangement, etc.);
  • International expansion capability: the same software may be applied in different countries operated in national languages.

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Main Features Off-line operation available
Data exchange does not require a special server
Automatic data exchange with control and accounting systems
Additional backup system is not necessary
At option , information regarding sales may be transmitted from a cash register
Data may be recorded with the aid of any other unit (ex. network repository)
“Frozen” or suspended receipt option (a cashier may attend the next customer, while the previous one returns to the sales area to fetch a product he has forgotten)
Mixed payment capability (in cash, bank card, company’s own card)
Different currency payment capability (EUR, USD, LTL, LVL, etc.)
Performs advance payment operations
Advance payment service for various services provided by mobile communication operators
Calculates trade discount
Sporting goods stores
Divides employees and operations into different access levels by using modern identification facilities
UVS-FB fiscal memory available, storing up to 3200 fiscal daily reports (“Z”) data
Network able
Fashion stores
Capability to connect several bar codes and various credit card readers (complying with EMV standards) and electronic weighting units


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